Fundamental to academic progress is the efficient and successful integration of auditory and sensory information.

The Ready4 SUCCESS program aims to assess the listening, learning and communication abilities of individuals and then provide an intervention program matched to the individual’s specific needs.

Through the Ready4SUCCESS program we aim to develop skills such as:

  • Auditory and visual processing
  • Short term working memory
  • Brain speed
  • Attention and concentration
  • Organisation and planning
  • Listening
  • Speech and language
  • Language learning
  • Reading
  • Spelling
  • Confidence
  • Social skills
  • Physical coordination and balance

Proficiency in the following is essential for optimal development of cognitive processes such as learning, reading and comprehension:

Auditory Processing: “what the brain does with what the ears hear”

Brain Speed: is an indicator of one’s ability to sequentially process auditory and visual information. By increasing Brain Speed, working memory can also improve.

Working Memory: is the ability to retain and manipulate information during short periods of time. An important skill for sounding out words in both spelling and reading, remembering and following instructions or directions, reading and understanding what has been read and many more every day skills and activities.

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