Guest Blogger: Are Coffee and Cars your thing?

Guest Blogger:  Are Coffee and Cars your thing?
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I’ve driven past the Montagna Cafe car park nearly every Sunday for the whole of summer, taking my lad to cricket, every once in a while we would notice that even at 8.30am the car park was full! It wasn’t full of your everyday Camrys and Commodores though, there was much more to it than that, a mix of cars and people standing around chatting, drinking coffee, it looked social and I wanted to go!

Cricket season finally ended a few weeks ago and although it was the Easter long weekend, it was the last Sunday of the month, the Sunday I had been waiting for, this time I was free and able to get to this Coffee and Cars thing.

I knew it started early, 8am to be precise, early for a Sunday but I figured there would be coffee so I would survive, I washed the Mazda the day before and arranged for my lad to come along and keep me company, just in case.

I’m generally an early riser and I was a little excited to get the car out and see some other amazing cars but I have to admit, being the long weekend I didn’t expect much, as I pulled into the carpark at around 8.05am it was almost a ghost town, but there in the distance I saw a gleaming red Honda NSX-R and wait, a Lotus and then a Camaro, a Rat Rod, a Porsche, a Charger! I pulled in next to the Lotus and hopped out to take in the view, although it was a little sparse compared to what I had seen on other Sundays I was still excited to be involved.

I noticed a small gathering outside the Mugs and More coffee shop, so I went to investigate, a table was set out in front and it was stacked with fresh hot coffee and biscuits, I went in and spoke to the owner, who was madly making coffees, he even made a hot chocolate for my lad, he said “Happy Easter please enjoy a free coffee, it’s on me” what a great gesture and truly appreciated as it was a little fresh outside!

Mugs N More - coffee

By the time I had chatted to the coffee store owner and gone back outside the carpark was nearly full! Cars everywhere, hot rods, sports cars, muscle cars, all sorts, there was truly something for everyone’s taste and unlike your regular car show, the owners were happy to talk about their pride and joy, share a story or some advice or just make small talk, this was truly an inclusive and relaxed atmosphere even for the non enthusiast.

So if you can’t sleep in on the last Sunday of the month, do yourself a favour and go take a look at the cars on show at Coffee and Cars, even better if you have a special car, grandpas old Holden or the latest super car bring it down and share it, everyone that came out was super friendly and just loved talking cars.

Coffee N Cars Old Vintage Ute


Coffee N Cars is held on the last Sunday of every month in the Woolworths car park, Coromandel Parade Blackwood, it’s on from 8am and wraps up around 10am to make way for the Sunday shoppers.

Glenn (and Lad)