Get your PURPLE on this March 26th for EPILEPSY awareness!

Get your PURPLE on this March 26th for EPILEPSY awareness!
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I have been talking and doing all things purple this week! It is something I am insanely passionate about!

My 9 year old son Archer has uncontrolled epilepsy. It is a journey we have now been on for almost 6 years. Without giving you the full story, it is a tough journey, more so because our South Australian Government does not recognise Epilepsy as a disability. Anyone that thinks this, only needs to spend a few hours with us as a family or any of the almost 70,000 South Aussies with the condition to see that is not the case.

So we fight, we fundraise, we are purple, we spread awareness, and we talk about epilepsy to anyone that will listen with the hope that one day, our son will live with support, adequate funding and without the stigma that is this awful indiscriminate condition. We live with the hope that with awareness comes knowledge, knowledge of what to do if someone has a seizure, and this knowledge could one day save my son’s life.

We fundraise for The Epilepsy Centre SA; this is our local organisation that does amazing things to support epilepsy battlers and their families with ZERO government support or funding. We fundraise so we can help to improve the lives of kids like our own son, we fundraise to provide life saving equipment to families in need, and we fundraise to be able to offer services such as seizure training, counselling and camps for kids.

Can you tell how passionate I am about this? Did you see our story in the Mitcham Hills Messenger paper?

We travel interstate to receive medical treatment that is grossly inadequate in our own state, to have tests done that are not available to the same standard as other states. We have our medication couriered from the hospital interstate because even with the freight it is still cheaper that buying it in my own state.

So, why purple? Purple is the international colour for Epilepsy, 26th of March is Purple Day because that is the birthday of the little girl that started the global movement to promote Epilepsy awareness, her favourite colour is purple!

We get our purple on, we hold purple day at our local primary school, we get the kids talking about epilepsy, we raise some much needed funds and we have some fun!

If you want to help us, you can donate here
If you want to know more, ask me or hop onto The Epilepsy Centre website

Will you get your purple on this March 26 and start a conversation about Epilepsy? I really hope you do.


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