Are you a sucker for a good cause like me?

Are you a sucker for a good cause like me?
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I am a sucker for a good cause; As well as selling my items here on The Buzz, I have always tried my best to share my donations around to various charities and groups in need. There is one thing however that makes my blood boil! It is when the items collected don’t get to where they are most needed/ or promised, or are sold in overpriced charity shops ( I am not suggesting all charity shops are overpriced, but sadly many are)

I used to volunteer a full day every week for around 18 months in a local charity store, as much as I enjoyed it and met some amazing people, It used to anger me at the waste, over inflated prices and staff helping themselves! (yes this actually happens)

I have since made it my mission to seek out what I feel are more worthy causes run by teams of passionate volunteers that are so appreciative of receiving your donations; it makes you feel good about handing it over. Causes that make sure that what you have donated, gets to where it is actually needed. Some of these dedicated people, stock up items in their garages, let you drop items on their doorsteps or will collect from your homes, repair and fix up toys for kids in need, the list goes on……..

I would like to share some of these great charities that I have come across and supported over the years. I know there are many out there, and I am always on the lookout for others. Please feel free to suggest any you may know of.

Treasure Boxes – this amazing organisation collects clothing, toys and books for children that are in emergency care or have had to leave their homes with what they are wearing and without their favourite toys, it’s heartbreaking. Treasure boxes clean and safety test each item and sorts them into boxes of essential items for each child that is referred to them. Items like underwear, clothing suitable for the seasons, pjs, something to cuddle and a book. Donations can be made directly to their collection point in Sturt. Check out their Facebook page for address and details.

Minton Farm – Bev Langley is an incredible lady! She nurses our sick and injured wildlife back to health. At the moment, they are desperately in need of funds to purchase a new intensive care unit before winter hits, but the rest of the time, they are grateful for donations of blankets, sleeping bags for Joey pouches, fencing wire, star droppers and food items like, oats, honey, weetbix, and eggs. Once again you can follow them on Facebook and check out their website for items needed and drop off location.

Belair Charity Sewing Group – This one is a new one I have come across; it is a group of local buzzers from our page that get together and turn old kids quilt covers into super hero capes for sick kids! They are always on the lookout for donations of quilt covers in funky patterns and possibly wouldn’t say no to other sewing essentials either.

Ruf Us Charity – assist the homeless across Adelaide. They offer support to rehouse and advocacy for some of our most vulnerable. They take donations of clothing and furniture and personal care items.

The Nappy Collective – this one came together after a group of mums wanted to do something useful the handful of nappies they had left over. They run two collections a year with various collection points all over Australia. The nappies are then redistributed to mothers in shelters and crisis care. You can also make a monetary donation online.

Phil’s Second Chance Toys – This amazing man fixes, washes and refurbishes toys and baby goods and gives them out to anyone in need, no questions asked. He also replaces huge amounts of batteries, so I am sure he would love some donations of those too!! He has a Facebook page so contact him there for drop off details.

The other thing I really want to get across here is please only donate clean, good quality items (unless it is for rags) these volunteer organisations are not dumps for your rubbish, broken and filthy items. They don’t need clothing that is ripped or has broken zips etc. These items are not useful for needy families.

If you have a day free every so often, or can help in anyway, all of these causes are always in need of people to help wash, pack, and sort or deliver items. Do something amazing, help someone in need and you will feel wonderful for it.